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Hydro Massage Body Treatments
Abalone Hotel & Villas

Spa in Paternoster

Experience the sheer bliss of total tranquility by spoiling yourself and your partner with a selection of body and skin treatments in the peaceful space of our Spa Room. Leave stress, tensions and troubles behind as our experienced therapists help your mind relax and regain its balance. You can choose from a variety of spa treatments and enjoy the benefits of our heated pools and sauna.

Spa Room Serves

Each therapy on offer is carefully curated and administered by our experienced therapists, dedicated to facilitating your journey towards inner peace and outer radiance. Whether it's a tension-melting massage, a revitalising skin treatment, or a bespoke therapy tailored to your needs, our expert therapists utilise a combination of traditional and innovative techniques to help you regain your balance and leave stress and worries far behind.

Step into the serene embrace of our Spa Room and embark on a transformative journey of rejuvenation and tranquility with your partner. With an exclusive array of body and skin treatments, our Spa Room serves as the ultimate sanctuary for rest, relaxation, and wellness. Immerse yourself in this harmonious environment, designed to soothe the senses and create a deeply personal and intimate spa experience.

SPA in Paternoster

We invite you to let go of worldly pressures, engage in rejuvenating rituals, and discover a renewed sense of wellbeing at our Spa Room - a place where tranquility reigns, and radiant rejuvenation awaits.

Hydro Massage Body Treatments

Hydro Massage Body Treatments

Our innovative water massage technology lends an industry-leading, wellness-focused approach to Relax, Recover and Rejuvenate.


Soothe tired muscles with a massage inspired by authentic African techniques coupled with a comb of dry hydro benefits. Let our trained therapists massage specific pressure points to release toxins from your body and bring you into harmonious alignment physically, emotionally and spiritually.

SPA MassagesSPA Massages
SPA Massages

Welmanis Treatments

The state of the art Welnamis combines the gentle sound waves of specially designed music with a highly efficient vibration massage system. While the special sounds slow down the mental activity, the vibration massage acts specifically on the energy centres of the body. This innovative sound massage system combines the effects of deep relaxation techniques as well as meditation and mindfulness.

60 Minute Treatment for R990.00: Includes 20 Minute Welmanis Therapy and 40 Minute Back & Neck Massage

90 Minute Treatment for R1290.00: Includes 20 Minute Welmanis Therapy and 60 Minute Full Body Massage including Head Massage.

Massage Del Mar

Full Body - 60min: R900.00 and 90min: R1100.00

Hot Stones Massage

Full Body - 60min: R1000.00 and 90min: R1200.00

Signature Deep Tissue

Full Body - 60min: R1000.00 and 90min: R1200.00

Botanical Infused Aromatherapy

Full Body - 60min: R900.00 and 90min: R1100.00

Discover Serenity at Abalone’s Wellness Suite: Your Ideal Spa in Paternoster

A Haven of Peace

Nestled in the embrace of the tranquil Paternoster, the Wellness Suite at Abalone Hotel & Villas offers a refined spa retreat just steps away from the whispering waves of the Atlantic. Our spa encapsulates the soothing spirit of its surroundings, ensuring your search for a cherished spa in Paternoster comes to a picturesque pause.

Curated Wellness | Paternoster Spa

Understanding that wellness is a deeply personal journey, our spa experience does more than just pampering. It’s a seamless blend of relaxation and rejuvenation, handcrafted by experienced therapists to meet your unique needs. Subtle, yet revitalising, our carefully curated treatments guide you to find serenity without the necessity of excessive indulgences.

Holistic Healing for Mind and Body

Escape from the every day and step into a world where your well-being takes precedence. Our spa treatments, from gentle massages to rejuvenating skincare, are delicately designed to balance both mind and body, without resorting to overbearing promises of transformation. Your Paternoster spa experience at Abalone is not a voyage to an exaggerated sanctuary, but a peaceful return to intrinsic tranquillity and unadulterated care.

In Tune with Nature | Spa In Paternoster

Just as the gentle ebb and flow of the ocean bestow calm to the Paternoster coastline, our spa therapies are woven with the natural tranquillity of the local environment. Let the subtle, genuine touches of our treatments gently enhance your well-being, providing a mindful echo of the serenity found along the Western Cape.

Revitalise Authentically | Paternoster Spa

In the understated elegance of our Wellness Suite, discover a genuine spa in Paternoster experience that gently whispers the narrative of authentic, unassumed relaxation. Allow our therapists to guide you through a subtly enriching experience, with our new Welnamis beds where wellness is wrapped in sincere, heartfelt care.

Wrap Yourself in Genuine Care

In a world that often demands the dramatic, the Wellness Suite at Abalone Hotel & Villas invites you to discover the unassuming beauty of true relaxation. We don’t proclaim miracles but promise a pure, honest, and authentic spa escape. Your search for a genuine Paternoster spa experience culminates here, where tranquillity isn’t manufactured but naturally embraced.

Join us, and let the authentic spirit of Paternoster infuse your wellness journey with genuine serenity.